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Hi Everyone. My name is Trine. I’m a mother, a wife and a women who lives, dances and dialogues with my endometriosis.

I’m a Dane who has ended up with two homes, one in Montreal, Canada and the other in my beloved North Denmark. I’m a healer and an entrepreneur at heart, always full of ideas and visions of possibilities.

I LOVE feeling connected to myself, to others, to nature (hugging trees is how I’ve gotten through many tough days in my life), and to that something which is bigger than all of us.

I’m passionate about all that is beautiful in life.  So when things do become painful, I stubbornly dig for answers as to WHY life all of a sudden doesn’t feel or look beautiful. This approach has provided me with so much knowledge and wisdom. But all that digging has also put me into deep holes, sometimes not sure how to get myself out again.

The passion for beauty and inclination for digging has led me down many paths in life; to do photography, Feng Shui, Yoga, coaching, and being a doula.  At first glance, it might look like I’m all over the map (and I’ve felt like that often!), but there is a consistent thread which links everything together; in focus, energy, meaning and bringing forth the REAL and the BEAUTY which is in all of us, at all times!

What I offer comes from my personal journey with endometriosis and experiencing infertility due to it. My journey continued on course when I finally was blessed with a baby girl. When I became a mother, I thought everything was finally well in the world and in me.  But I soon discovered to my surprise that motherhood brought with it entirely new struggles.

From feeling completely disempowered, alone and limited within my own life, I’ve come out the other side of this journey, living a normal life not feeling restricted by endometriosis, being a happy mother and confidently moving on. I now feel so excited to share my knowledge and experience with other women.

What separates me from other practitioners is that my approach to menstrual health and overall wellness is that I offer a holistic approach, and I’m sharing with you how you can become your own healer and best friend.


My story starts with a young girl growing up with a lot of stress and disconnect. I had to become “a big girl and a good girl” very fast and believed early that my needs had to come second.

Later, as a young woman, I was always on the go, unable to settle into one place, or myself, and the need for others to love me and support me was all important.

In my early twenties, out of the blue, I began to have strong menstrual pain, deep fatigue, and fainting spells during menstruation. I felt my body was determined to make life hard for me and all I wanted was for that relentless pain to stop.

By the time I was eventually diagnosed with endometriosis, my life had already changed:

– I was hard on myself, feeling I should be able to give and do more.

– I struggled with honesty in my intimate relationships, feeling ashamed and confused about the pain I felt during sex.

– I often walked around wearing a big coat with my hot water bottle, “my best friend”, strapped onto my abdomen.

– I felt like I was always on a roller coaster ride, overcoming pain and fatigue with a few good days in between.

– I regularly canceled things last minute and then would be consumed with disappointing people. 

– Ultimately, I felt defeated by endometriosis. Worries about my health and my fertility would from now on occupy my mind.

– I hid behind a mask, pushing myself each day to not show my weaknesses, sadness, and fear.

– I felt so alone, wishing that my family, friends, and doctors could for just one day feel what I felt so that they would understand.

– I felt my life was passing me by while others seemed to have full, fun lives. I was merely making it through.

– I was convinced I was a victim!

– I angrily wanted to know why this was happening to me and why I couldn’t find any information about my situation. Even doctors seemed not to know!

I could’ve only dreamed that someone would just take me by the hand and tell me, “This is not a normal part of life.  Just allow yourself to . . . stop, take a breath, let go and receive. I’ll care for you now.”

I was sick, but with an illness which couldn’t be seen from the outside. People were looking at me, so I thought like I was “that weak girl who’s always sick”. Nobody took my condition seriously; in fact, NOT EVEN ME! I would rely on pain medicine to keep going, pretending that all I had was a bad case of menstrual cramps. 

I never really shared with anybody how scared I was, and my concern that this would be for the rest of my life.

Still, it took years before I understood the important message that my body was trying to tell me . . .

I would get married and we tried to have a baby. But like so many of my other dreams in life, it just didn’t happen.

I was longing for connection to my husband, to others and certainly to myself. From what I could see, nobody else around me was having these kinds of issues. I didn’t know what to do, and nobody was really talking about menstrual pains or intimacy problems or struggles with getting pregnant. Everybody around me seemed to have it all together.

Eventually, my marriage imploded. I was at a crossroads. I couldn’t keep going the way I had up till now. I was too broken, too sick and too tired of pretending.  So, I did something I had never done before. I cut myself free and let go.

I got into my car with my belongings and my dog and drove from hot Atlanta, GA, to freezing Montreal, Canada. I had one friend there, nothing that I had to do, and nowhere to go.

I spent the first 3 months in my new life in my pj’s, on someone else’s couch. For the first time, I accepted help. I cried, slept, ate takeaway Chinese food and watched bad romance movies. For those who know, I was particularly into the TV series Big Love! That was fun!! I relaxed deeply into myself. I didn’t do a single thing I didn’t want to do. I put myself first  – – ALL THE TIME – – and was 100% honest (finally!!) with myself and others.  This changed my life forever.


The road to recovery

I was COMPLETELY SYMPTOM-FREE for the first time in 12 years when I stepped out of my 3 month hibernation into a beautiful Montreal spring.  Hallelujah!!

I was amazed and so grateful! I was now committed to a new journey towards understanding what had just happened and how I could keep feeling this wonderful sense of energy and wellness; free from pain. This was 2009. There’ve for sure been some bumps along the way, but today, I feel stable and well most of the time and have a wealth of real information to live by and to share.

As my new life unfolded, I had the good fortune to meet love again. My new husband and I conceived our wonderful daughter . . . on our very first try!  I just couldn’t believe it. As much as my husband likes to take credit for it, I know, between you and me, it had so much to do with my new life and process!

Life was perfect.  Well, not quite . . .

Our little girl came out early and I found myself unexpectedly far away from family and close friends, in a new city and with a new system and language which brought about for me a whole new set of challenges and stress. I was surprised to find that the feelings of being overwhelmed, deeply tired and in pain, needing someone to come care for me, to be allowed to let go and to be heard, seen and understood, came back. Despite having my perfect little girl in my arms, I still found myself with tears running down my face in despair. Once again, I felt alone and like a victim. I realized that I had to go back to my healing formula from those first 3 months in Montreal.

I started to ask for and accepted help. I tried to relax deeply whenever possible. I reminded myself that I could trust my ability to care for myself and heal, and this allowed me to have extra to give to my baby girl. I put my new family and myself first. I only did what felt right and I let go of the strong-willed, good girl.

When a friend became a mother 2 years after me, I was so happy to get the chance to support her through her journey, and when she later asked me if I would be interested in training with her as a postpartum doula. It felt like a natural extension of the work I was already doing with endometriosis and women’s menstrual health.

LEARNING TO LET GO:  the silver lining for me in having endometriosis and the postpartum blues.

In those moments of pain, in bed, alone, I managed to reconnect to Trine. I put myself first and I listened to my fatigue and pain, both physically and emotionally.  From this, I was able to learn my body’s way of trying to help me back to balance and health.

Conclusion . . . I used to think too much. I would hold on to my need for control and stubbornly not listen to my wise ol’ body! It took the realization that our bodies really need to be heard, and we need to deeply trust it’s wisdom. I know it now.  Our body is our greatest teacher and supporter in life, not our enemy!

Now I gotta walk the talk . . .

Inspired to share what I had learned up to this point, I went to a marketing and business yoga retreat in Virginia Beach. There, I saw how all that business stuff was useful for sure, but what hit home for me big time was that my story and my healing process is the most valuable thing I have to offer, and the biggest lesson for me is in finding the courage to share it honestly and keep showing up for myself and living it every day of my life.

I get it! Most of us won’t change until our backs are up against a wall and when  . . .

 – we’ve exhausted all that doctors have to offer,

 – we’ve exhausted our body,

 – our spirit is exhausted.

I found when I was at my lowest point, I explored my journey through Yoga and creativity as a photographer and a storyteller. Later on, I took on coaching and natural approaches to diet. After my daughter was born, I felt a calling to study to become a postpartum doula to better help women at all levels of womanhood.

Often when we look for support with our health, we’re presented with one modality, but I found that real lasting personal change and health comes when I work holistically and feel supported on all levels, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually to truly feel well and balanced.

Empowering women to discover how they can thrive is something I deeply feel passionate about and I feel honoured and grateful to be part of their journey.

Whether you are a women who has been diagnosed with endometriosis, or struggle with menstrual pain without knowing why, if you wish to get pregnant or, have just given birth and feel completely overwhelmed, it’s all about supporting ourselves fully, being provided with what we need on all levels and being helped, so our body, mind and soul can rebalance and heal.

If you want to get started right away…

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Thank you for reading my story, I would love to meet you too so please feel free to share your story below.

I am sending you all lots of Love and a Big Healing Hug!

My Professional Biography

Trine is a Yasodhara Ashram certified teacher of Hatha Yoga, Hidden Language Hatha Yoga and Dream & Kundalini Yoga. She is also a Naada Yoga certified Yoga therapist and a postpartum doula through Motherwit.

As well as working as a Yoga therapist and a postpartum doula, she is also a professional Photographer and a dedicated Life and Business Coach.

Read More of Trine's Bio & Curriculum Vitae

She has taught Yoga classes and workshops since 2000 in Denmark, Sweden, England, USA and Canada – in both Montreal and at Yasodhara Ashram in B.C. She is originally from Denmark. since 2010, she has split her time between Montreal and Denmark.

After taking a 24 months’ insightful and heart-opening maternity leave, she resurfaced in 2013 by deciding to deepen her knowledge of Yoga specifically in relation to women’s health. She completed a 1000 hour Professional Yoga Therapist Program through Naada Yoga Montreal. It is a complete professional training program in Yoga therapy. Trine is certified to both work with therapeutic groups and to develop her private Yoga therapy practice, offering one-on-one sessions. Along side training as a yoga therapist, Trine also became a Postpartum Doula and in 2015 she started her business through her website as a women’s health coach specializing in Yoga Therapy for Women’s health and Postpartum wellness.

During her Yoga therapist program, Trine had the great opportunity to study with some of Europes and North America’s most renowned teachers in their respective fields.

She studied advanced anatomy with Dr. Baxter Bell, Adaptive Yoga, the yogic approach to conditions such as heart disease, insomnia, depression, menstrual health, infertility and weight loss with Vickie Bell, Ayurveda with Matthew Remski, Back Care with François Raoult, Yoga and Psychology with Rolf Sovik and Restorative Yoga with Judith Lasater.

Right now, she is in the middle of conducting a research project on how Yoga can support the female menstrual cycle and help with issues such as endometriosis, pelvic pain, fibroids and infertility.

Trine’s approach to women’s health and postpartum wellness offers a gentle, warm and caring space for you to feel supported, move your body, and be still enough to truly listen to your own inner wisdom. She focuses on creating a light filled opportunity for you to enter into your own self-study.

In her “one-on-one” practice, her classes, and workshops for menstrual health, she helps you to strengthen your body and still your mind by interweaving postures, meditation, visualizations, reflection, relaxation, chanting and breath. She offers knowledge around healthy lifestyle such as diet and supplements. She also likes to bring in the amazing human ability to connect to self through creativity, by using writing, drawing, collage and photography.

Bringing forth the wisdom of her own challenges with endometriosis and motherhood, Trine facilitates with a combination of empirical knowledge, personal stories, and grounded spiritual practice.

“I have found that most of our health problems come from a state of not knowing who we are and what our purpose is, and not trusting in our own ability to heal and thrive. I offer a tangible approach towards self-knowledge and empowerment through Yoga and Doula work.  I feel it’s a real gift to have the time to ask questions, hear people’s stories and work towards understanding what is going on in their bodies and see how it often reflects what is happening in their lives. 
It can be a really liberating feeling when we begin to see and feel gratitude for how the difficult areas in our bodies and our lives can help us come back to who we really are, rather than living according to what we think is expected of us”.

– Trine Veiss Mikkelsen


Danish – Born 1973

2014 Founder of – Women’s Health Coach and Yoga Therapist

2014 Co-founder of mumsa – Your small-is-beautiful marketing team and consultants

2014 Co-founder of SlowDown Press – A greeting card company

2014 Postpartum Doula training – Motherwit

2014 Naada 1000 hour Professional Yoga Therapist Program – A registered Advanced Yoga trainings with the Yoga Alliance  – Recognized by the Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists (A.N.N.)

2014 Le Systéme Musculo-Squelettique – Cadaver dissection – L’Université du Québec á Trois-Riviéres

2011 Digital Storytelling – Duckrabbit – UK

2010 Director of Rad’a Yoga Centre Montreal, today called Yasodhara Yoga Montreal

2006 Life Coach – NLP Practitioner Certification Program/USA

2005 Facial Diagnosis, Feng Shui & Five Element Living

2004 The Wisdom of Feng Shui

2003 Yoga teacher training – Hidden Language of Hatha Yoga – Yasodhara Ashram BC

2001 Founded Light4you Photography and Yoga business

2001 Yoga teacher training – Hatha Yoga, Kundalini & Dream Yoga – Yasodhara Ashram BC

2000 The 1000 hour YDC Yoga Development Course – Yasodhara Ashram BC

2000 Photographer – BA Honors in Editorial Photography – University College for the Creative Arts, Kent/UK

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