You deserve to be

heard, understood & supported.

You deserve to create a life where you feel

free, powerful, insightful, healthy and deeply cared for;

a life that you love.

Are you living with endometriosis, debilitating pelvic pain, fatigue, PMS and struggles with fertility?  I’ve been there and found a way to gently move forward. I’ve also connected and worked with so many amazing women who were going through the same experience.

Let’s come together and experience what we as women do so well given the chance: share, support each other and create real honest healing in all aspects of our lives!

Note: Many people ask me why I embrace in one website women who seem to be on opposite ends of the fertility spectrum. Click here to read why.

Many of us experience deep, painful emotions around pelvic and menstrual health, some of us with the shame of infertility and others dealing with the emotional aloneness of being new mothers. I’ve been in all these situations at different times in my life and I can definitely relate.

Are you struggling with infertility yet putting on a brave face to congratulate a friend with her newborn, unable to share how you truly feel?

Are you a new mother feeling depressed and exhausted, hiding your challenges because you feel you have no right to complain to your friends now that you are a mom?

I get it! When we have the courage to open up to our reality and share it, we find compassion, hope, acceptance and real honest healing in all aspects of our lives. When we come together, we realize that we’re not so different after all. Whether we’re suffering from endometriosis, infertility, or are new mothers, we all at times experience pain, fatigue, depression and isolation.

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Let’s connect…

Are you feeling stressed from wanting to do it all and not knowing where and how to find support?

Stressed Fighting Isolated Strong Broken Disconnected

Are you in a fight to re-balance and reclaim your life, and feel like you again?

Stressed Fighting Isolated Strong Broken Disconnected

Are you feeling isolated, unable to relate to others around you, hiding how you really feel and hope that no one will notice?

Stressed Fighting Isolated Strong Broken Disconnected

Do you keep telling yourself to be strong and that you can get through this, feeling that no one really gets what you‘re going through?

Stressed Fighting Isolated Strong Broken Disconnected

Do you feel broken, like you’re not a “real” woman?

Stressed Fighting Isolated Strong Broken Disconnected

Are you feeling disconnected from yourself, your dreams and your loved ones after trying for so long to push away constant pain, the heaviness of fatigue and a wave of raw emotions?

Stressed Fighting Isolated Strong Broken Disconnected

If this is you, then welcome!!  You’ll be part of a community of women looking for menstrual health, vitality and postpartum well-being. I’ve seen how all of these stressors often exacerbate those painful symptoms and cause us to feel increasingly worse over time . . . IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY!

Healthy. Wild. Vibrant.

It’s who you truly are.

Here is a FREE breathing exercise for you to get started right away on your journey towards feeling:

   – connected

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   – cared for


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Through my own experience and my work with women, I see the vicious cycle of THE FIGHT.

When we stop fighting . . . pain, fatigue and depression, space is created where we can value our symptoms as our teachers. When we open up to listening to our body and work with it in softness, the body responds, calms down and symptoms often diminish. I’ve had the honour of witnessing exciting life-changing ‘aha’ moments as women realize how this all makes sense!

– This is the moment when self-healing begins.

– This is when we acknowledge that our bodies and our emotions are wise.

– This is when we find the courage to reconnect with our true selves and each other.

– This is when we regain our trust in listening to ourselves and each other, which we often lose after years of being told that what we feel is not real.

This is why I do this work.

My approach to menstrual health, endometriosis, PMS, fertility and a balanced life is 100% natural and holistic, fun and creative.

I share with you very simple and usable steps to inspire, inform and guide you.

I do this because it's changed my life, the lives of many others, and I know it works!

As women, we can use the power of our menstruation and wombs to not only birth babies, but to also tune into a much greater creative potential. Menstrual pains, infertility, and postpartum depression are rare in many cultures around the world and even in our own history. We can thrive to our fullest potential again, where we are free to create, play, and love.

I’m Trine, a certified Yoga Therapist, Postpartum Doula, Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) Coach and . . . a thriving mother with endometriosis!

This is my soul space where I share my experiences and reflections through blogs, videos and courses about women’s health, happiness, spirituality, and all things magical. Whether you’re a woman with menstrual problems such as endometriosis, or infertility, a new mother or just interested in better well-being, welcome!

Trine Veiss Mikkelsen 1

Is it time for you to put yourself first?

Here is an occasion to stop and connect to your own inner wisdom, your body’s ability to self heal. Along the way, you’ll be supported by me, and a community of women sharing the journey with you.


Yoga as a therapy is a complete, holistic and natural approach. I always adapt the practice to your specific needs. I offer a wide range of tools, such as Yoga movement and Restorative Yoga, breath and body awareness, mindfulness, written reflections, creativity, coaching, visualization and relaxation along with knowledge around diet and women history.


Most of what we used to know about women’s natural cycle has been lost to time.

We’ve somehow moved from feeling sacred, powerful, insightful and creative while menstruating, birthing and mothering, to now expecting to have problems and assuming that cyclical pain and suffering are an inherent and unavoidable part of being a woman.


Women suffering from menstrual pain.


Women over 60 who have had a full hysterectomy.


Women in North America and Europe suffering from infertility.


Women suffering from postpartum depression.




New medical research shows that Yoga therapy is among the most effective complementary therapies for menstrual health and that early support for mothers can prevent postpartum depression. The proof is in experience:

Trine Mikkelsen became our post-partum doula during what was a very difficult period for my family. Trine was able to provide me with emotional support and practical advice that made me feel much less alone. She was also able to connect with and sooth my son (4 months at the time) in a way that was very intuitive and comfortable for me as a mother. She is very gifted at providing assistance in a wise, gentle and unobtrusive way. She was a godsend for us at that time and it has been lovely and enormously helpful to have her in our lives. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of support during the post-partum period!"

– Jodi Proctor

I hired Trine as my yoga therapist several months after the birth of my son. I didn't know what I needed except I knew I was feeling overwhelmed and disconnected from my body. When Trine arrived, she showed me what I needed: to be grounded, to accept who I am in this new and challenging role and to completely relax into myself as I was in that moment. I could feel myself softening, slowing down once she walked into my apartment. She has quality to her presence that quiets the noise inside yourself and guides you back to yourself each time. A joyous reunion! I enjoyed enormously our sessions together and asked her to continue on with me. She made an everlasting impression on me and my son."

- Amanda French

Trine’s groundbreaking and compassionate approach in encouraging women to learn about their reproductive health is a boon for women of all ages, at all stages of their lives. Using the tools of mindfulness, meditation, visualization, reflection and yoga, Trine guides women on the path towards wholeness by empowering them with knowledge, and giving them tools to further understand and work with whatever challenges are facing them in achieving full and vibrant health. Bringing forth the wisdom of her own challenges with endometriosis, Trine facilitates with a combination of empirical knowledge, personal stories, and grounded spiritual practice. I attended Trine’s workshop, and during it Trine guided us through a visualization of our uterus, prompting participants to draw or write whatever came to mind. I drew a colorful and rich uterus with a beautiful and blooming pomegranate tree in the middle. A week later I found out that I was pregnant! I am now five months along in a healthy pregnancy, and I feel so grateful for the experience with Trine that prompted me to take all aspects of my life into my own hands. I am now reaping the benefits in a way that I never imagined possible!

– Jacky C

Trine was an amazing support to me when I was on my journey towards giving birth to my third child. Going through those first fragile weeks after birth, with her guidance, I was able to establish a way for me to breastfeed for much longer this time around compared to my first two children. She helped me trust my own strength and find my own inner knowing. I went through such a great transformation and learned so much from this third baby, and Trine was of great help to me all the way. Now a year later I am still in a great healing process and Trine has become of great importance for me, as she is still part of my journey. She has helped me and guided me to hear my inner voice. I know I will keep turning to her for support as I step by step go further on my life path. I am deeply grateful for her insight, wisdom and the way she can “see” me and be with me without judgement."

– Marian Nielsen Joos

Thank you Trine. My time with you helped me to understand how my creative energy and my approach to life directly relates to my physical body. Not only do I use this knowledge to bring focus to my life now, but I'm empowered to know that focusing my energy helps me calm and cool my body. You have led me to feel a real sense of agency over my life and my health. I can not thank you enough for your deep insights and wisdom.

– Lise Herrmann

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