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The Knowledge, Practices and Rituals of Womenhood

Yoga Therapy Classes for Menstrual Health and Fertility


Classes for women suffering from endometriosis, infertility, pain, and fatigue due to menstruation

Live a life in harmony with who you are, and feel empowered on your journey towards health!

Do the monthly physical pain and the emotional roller coaster ride leave you feeling exhausted and scared?
Are you struggling with fertility and looking for support?

Come, move in a gentle way, let go for a moment and feel cared for.
Let’s start your healing journey together.
My approach to menstrual health, endometriosis, PMS, and fertility is 100% natural, holistic, fun and creative. I will share with you simple and usable steps to inspire, inform and guide you. No previous yoga experience needed.

During this transformative class, you will:

Learn to embody and know from deep inside what needs to be healed, and have the support of a community who knows and understands you.

  • Bring support to your immune system, to reduce possible inflammation

  Help balance hormones to bring about balance to your body and emotions

  Ease bodily pain and tension in your body to build up overall wellness

  Reduce fatigue and rejuvenate your energy without overdoing it

  Relax deeply, awakening your fertility and creativity

  Improve pelvic circulation for better blood flow to the pelvic organs

  Given tools to find your sense of empowerment and strength from within

  Bring about focus on all aspects of your life

  Connect to an inner sense of support and belonging

  Break the isolation by connecting with a like-minded and safe community

  • Deepen your awareness (body and emotional), learning to listen and respond to your inner wisdom



When and Where and How Much?

8-week course upon request

$18 or 108 DK, or $120 or 720 DK for the whole course

Bring: Comfortable clothes, pen, and a journal

Take a look at my Yoga Therapy page for more information.

To sign up or to connect to talk some more, please contact me at: