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Postpartum Yoga Therapy


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Postpartum Yoga Therapy – $85 or 510 DK

1.5 hour in the comfort of your own home

Give yourself and your baby the gift of deep care and support.

In a postpartum Yoga therapy session, we work specifically on helping you heal after birth and gain the strength, flexibility, energy, and insights needed physically, mentally and emotionally to be the mother you dream of being. None of us can do this without some self-care and support. And Yoga can also help your baby to better relax through, for example, an upset stomach or a long crying spell.

I’ll be there as your yoga teacher and at the same time, I’m happy to hold your baby so that you can feel that sweet feeling of having your hands free.


Some of the specific ways Yoga therapy can be helpful through your postpartum period

Postpartum Depression and Anxiety

Some women experience postpartum depression or anxiety after their babies are born. Sometimes these feelings appear already during pregnancy and other times, not until well into the first year of a babies life. It’s much more common than you might think for a new mom to feel intense anxiety, fear, frustration or sadness.

A hugely helpful way to prepare for the big change of a new baby is the practice of Yoga. Our minds and our hearts are prepared through Yoga to know what to do when challenges arise. I offer easy practices by which you can feel supported throughout your busy day as a mom. Taking between one and five minutes several times a day to connect to yourself and to your body, can be a powerful practice to prevent depression and anxiety. As mothers, it’s important to take care of ourselves every day so that we have that extra to give to our children . . . and to ourselves! I’d like you to consider Yoga as being part of your regular routine – along with changing diapers, preparing food and playing with your kids!

Aching Neck and Shoulders

Whether you’re breast or bottle-feeding, many new moms experience neck and shoulder aches, the result of many hours spent bending forward to feed the baby.  This may cause other problems such as headaches and back pain. We can work together on finding the best sitting position for you and your baby during feeding and use yoga to help release any built-up tension.


A big part of early motherhood is waking up every few hours to tend to this new love of your life. And it’s so important to be well-rested to keep feeling that they remain the love of your lives!! Yoga won’t take away your sleepless nights, but Yoga can definitely help you deal with fatigue so much better.

Pelvic floor

Your pelvic floor is a broad sling of muscles, ligaments and sheet-like tissues that stretch from your pubic bone at the front of your body, to the base of the back of your spine. Think of your pelvic floor as being similar to a trampoline; it can stretch when something presses down on it and bounce back up again. Unlike a trampoline, however, if it bears weight for a long time, as it does in pregnancy, the muscles and tissues can become overstretched and weak. Yoga therapy can help your pelvic floor back to its natural flexibility and strength.

Diastasis recti

Diastasis recti is a fairly common condition of pregnancy and postpartum in which the right and left halves of your abdominal muscle spread apart at the body’s midline. This is caused in response to the force of the uterus pushing against the abdominal wall, in along with the pregnancy hormones that soften all our connective tissue.

A small amount of widening of the midline happens in all pregnancies and is normal. Diastasis recti occurs in about 30% of all pregnancies. Some postpartum women’s midlines close up by itself. But for many, the tissue remains too wide, causing problems.

Diastasis recti reduces the integrity and functional strength of the abdominal wall and can aggravate lower back pain and pelvic instability (especially because, we for months after, will be carrying an ever-growing baby around). Separation in a previous pregnancy significantly increases the probability and severity of the condition in subsequent pregnancies. Women expecting more than one baby, petite women, those with a pronounced sway back, or with poor abdominal muscle tone are at greatest risk. Yoga therapy can gently help the abdominal muscle re-remember what they are, how they work and regain their strength.

Yoga for your Baby

Upset Stomach/Colic

A baby’s tiny digestive system is fragile and they can often experience problems. When your baby’s tummy is upset, putting him or her into a Yoga position where we bring the knees to the chest that will help eliminate gas.

Long Bouts of Crying

Babies cry for a variety of reasons. My husband and I would go through the diaper-gas-hunger-etc list.  But if none of the usuals work, then simple breathing techniques making soothing sounds (“shhhhhh”) can not only calm the baby down but also avert the otherwise parent freakout!

You don’t live in my area? Not to worry. Contact me and we’ll figure out a way to work together.

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