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The Knowledge, Practices and Rituals of Womenhood

Movie and Workshop for Menstrual Health


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Our womb is the gateway to all creation!

Do you want to learn to listen and understand the messages your body is telling you when you experience pain and discomfort?

Movie and Workshop for Menstrual Health

I am excited to invite you to a showing of the award-winning documentary:
“Moontime; the Ancient Blood Mysteries”
Followed by Yoga therapy workshop for Menstrual Health


What’s your relationship with your menstrual cycle and how does that affect your body and emotions?

Hundreds of years of cultural conditioning have made us embarrassed to bleed and have left us feeling dirty and ashamed. What if we stopped pretending and stopped wasting so much effort hiding the very thing that gives our species life, and started rather talking about it, positively! Now that would be a gift to our daughters and ourselves to understand the history and sacredness of menstruation, embracing it and seeing it as something NEVER to be ashamed of.

Connecting with our menstrual cycles physically and emotionally is an amazing way to form a closer relationship with ourselves, to care for ourselves on all levels, and begin to develop and birth our natural abilities, gifts, and dreams.

Become your own best friend and healer

Walk away from this workshop with a deeper understanding around how to honor and support your overall menstrual health through movement, breath, diet, creativity, and a deeper knowledge of the imbalances, which we experience in our bodies as modern women today.

Date:  Available Upon Request
Time: To be announced
Place: To be announced
Price $55 (sliding scale available, please contact me)
Bring: Comfortable clothes, pen, and a journal

Tea and fruit will be served.
*The workshop will be in English only

Learn about your amazing self-healing body, understand how to deeply care for yourself, and start your healing journey in a safe community.

Let’s bring this taboo subject into the Light, giving it the attention it deserves.

My approach to menstrual health, endometriosis, PMS, and fertility is 100% natural, holistic, fun and creative. I will share with you simple and usable steps to inspire, inform and guide you. No previous Yoga experience is needed.

Looking forward to meeting and sharing with you.

Love and light,


*This workshop will lead to ongoing support, if you would like that, through weekly classes.

More info on the documentary being showed:

Moontime is a 36 min documentary, which is part of the poetic trilogy Bloodtime, Moontime, Dreamtime, Women Bringing Forth Change, by Emmy Award-winning filmmaker, Roberta Cantow.

It’s more than a documentary on women’s blood mysteries; it is a soul journey through our sacred selves, and it connects us to our ancestry and our future through our blood. To say that it is amazing isn’t doing it justice: it is healing, it is beauty, it is truth. I truly believe all women would benefit from viewing this film, and I highly recommend it. A remarkable piece of art that should not be missed.  – Saga Woman Magazine