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Second of a 3-part series about the hidden wisdom within our painful periods and the ‘me-time’ revolution

What goes on down there, stays down there…

I’m sure many of you can relate. When we first experienced our period, it wasn’t uncommon to nervously giggle our way through it. When we were taught about the reproductive system in school, we squirmed, looked away, joked with our girlfriends while falling back to that default nervous giggle. The way we’ve been brought up to view menstruation has fostered a common state of mind where we tend to be grossed out by our period and hide it from others.


That Time of the Month! Cartoon #14

My monthly feature at the time of the full moon.


It’s “That Time of the Month” when my little team shares our monthly cartoon to promote awareness.

If you’re suffering from endometriosis, your period can feel very much like you’re melting in pain.

Please help spread awareness!

First of a 3-part series about why trees don’t drink lattes, the hidden wisdom within our painful periods and the ‘me-time’ revolution

Women! Your cycle is the heartbeat of life!


Dear community,

Fall is upon us bringing with it the promise of darkness to come. This time of the year is an occasion, a challenging one albeit, when we can exercise a very powerful spiritual practice, the practice of relaxing and letting go. I am so excited to be connecting with you all, especially this time of the year as we prepare to go into the rich, and a bit scary, underworld of winter.