VIDEO – On Opening our Heart and Womb

Girls!  This might just be the most amazing way to invite the Light into your heart and womb, getting your creative juices going give thanks to Mother Earth… all at the same time!


The highlight of my 2017-18 winter was meeting Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and her Womb Yoga. Uma’s work is all about reconnecting with the deep blood wisdom of our womb cycles throughout the whole of a woman’s life, from pre-menarche to post-menopause.

I spent 3 days with Uma under her guidance, 3 days with candles, flowers, dark chocolate and female power energy, in a circle of incredible women.

Have I mentioned before that when women come together, magic happens!!

Through the practice of Uma’s Womb Yoga and sharing, we accessed our inner guidance, our source wisdom so that we more readily could reside in wellbeing and peace within our experiences as women.

I am sharing here with you one of the practices from my time with Uma,  which has become a core part of my life. It is so simple, yet profound. It creates flow, and connects us to ourselves, to Source and to Nature.

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